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Google +1’s also sometimes referred to as Google+ Likes will begin arriving within 24 hours or less and typically stream in at 100-200/day speed.
You can buy Google+ 1’s for any web url on the internet as well as any Google+ Post.
There have been many experiments ran over the years to determine whether Google+ 1’s impact SEO and the short answer is, we don’t know. Many customers swear that this service helps considerably but it’s honestly hard to tell.
To get your Google+ Post URL on desktop, simply hover over the timestamp which will display an arrow icon which looks like this:
Right click on the icon then select “Copy Link Address”.
Google +1’s are done by accounts run by computers – all these profiles will have profile pictures, posts and friends of there own.
If you’ve searched our awesome knowledge base and you still can’t find the answer please feel free to contact us. We’re here 7 days a week (but not 24 hours a day!) and always happy to help!