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Feb. 26, 2019 Facebook Page/Post Likes have been unstable lately. We want to provide the best service possible so we disabled new orders for the time being. Hoping to have Facebook back soon!

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Here’s How It Works

We know, it doesn’t make sense. You work so hard to get likes on your status updates and then you can just show up here and buy likes for just a few bucks? Yup!

We partner with the leading exchanges for likes and social signals. The people liking your posts will receive likes in return from other non-paying users in the network. They won’t follow your page, or stick around to engage future posts, but having more likes on your content make your true fans more likely to engage your content with likes, shares and comments.

So Why Buy Facebook Status Likes?

Making your Facebook Page and Status Updates appear appear as though they’re receiving lots of likes is important. Thats because people copy other people. They want to see that their friends and colleagues who came before them liked your status before they’re willing to click their mouse or tap that Like button. This is especially important to do before “boosting” your post on Facebook. Don’t pay to advertise a post that has no likes – it makes you look bad.

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"I used foundation to promote every status update in the early days, now I get that many on my own."
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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

Likes will begin appearing on your Facebook Post within minutes of purchasing and will stream in at roughly 1k per hour until your order is completed.
Facebook Post Likes are delivered by means of exchange. Typically the accounts are run by computers, not run by real people, but they will all have profile pictures, posts and friends of there own!
Yes – unlike our Automatic Facebook Post Likes service which only works for Pages, you can buy Post Likes for Facebook Pages and personal Facebook Profiles. Before ordering, please be sure to follow these instructions to ensure your page/profile is configured correctly.
You sure can! When buying more than 100 Post Likes you can split the quantity across multiple posts. During checkout you’ll see a green [+] button, click it to add another link.
When viewing Facebook on a desktop computer, hover over the time stamp of the post, right click and select “Copy Link Address”. On mobile, tap the three dots alongside your post then select “Copy Link”.
If you’ve searched our awesome knowledge base and you still can’t find the answer please feel free to contact us. We’re here 7 days a week (but not 24 hours a day!) and always happy to help!