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Refill Policy

foundation does everything in it’s power to make the followers, likes, views, etc. (otherwise known as “signals”) we deliver stick forever. However, sometimes the social networks remove the signals we add causing “drops”.

Every service works a bit differently. For example, Instagram Followers notoriously drop a couple times a year in a big “purge” while Instagram Likes have never experienced drops at all.

foundation customers are not always impacted by purges and drops – in fact, many customers have kept their signals for years without trouble. The drops are random and impossible to prevent entirely.

If/when drops occur, foundation will refill all orders placed in the past 60 days ASAP. Our competitors either charge extra for this, or do not deliver refills at all.

Here’s how refill’s at foundation are calculated:

(start + purchased) – current = refill

  • start = The number of signals you started with on your oldest order in the past 60 days
  • purchased = The total number of signals delivered to you in the past 60 days
  • current = The number of signals you currently have
  • refill = The number of signals we will refill for free

There’s a few more things you should know about refills:

  1. Refills are calculated based on the number of signals purchased in the past 60 days. These refills come at a great expense to us (many times at a loss) so we can’t possibly continuously refill every customer for every order for all of eternity.
  2. There’s no way to differentiate between signals purchased from us, signals acquired organically or signals purchased from other sites. So if you experienced a drop, but you still have more signals than what you started with + what you purchased, there’s nothing to refill.
  3. If you drop below the amount you purchased from us, we can’t grant a refill because it’s clearly not our signals which are dropping.
  4. If you’ve changed your username or link since ordering with us, we can’t deliver a refill.
  5. When drops occur, that means the accounts we use no longer exist. It may take some time to get back up and running again – ASAP means as soon as possible.
  6. If you’ve filed a chargeback with your credit card company or opened a dispute with PayPal, we can’t deliver a refill.

Example 1

@UsernameOne has 50 followers and purchases 500 two times in the past 60 days. After experiencing a drop, @UsernameOne has 500 followers. Their refill will be 550 because: (50 + 1000) - 500 = 550

Example 2

@UsernameTwo has 50 followers and purchases 500 two times in the past 60 days. They also purchase 1000 followers from another website. After experiencing a drop, @UsernameTwo has 1,100 followers. Their refill will be 0 because: (50 + 1000) - 1,100 = -50. They may have experienced a drop, but they are still over the amount purchased from us so there’s nothing to refill.

Requesting A Refill

If you believe you’ve experienced a drop and are eligible for a refill, politely contact us and we’ll get your refill queued up ASAP.

We understand how important your social profiles are to you and always do our best to prevent these drops and remedy them as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding and thank you for using foundation!