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Here’s How It Works

We know, it doesn’t make sense. You work so hard to get likes on your status updates and then you can just show up here and buy likes for just a few bucks? Yup!

We’ve painstakingly created thousands of Facebook accounts and configured them in such a way that we can programmatically manage them to do anything we need. They’re not real people, so don’t expect engagement. Buying Facebook status update likes is purely for vanity’s sake.

So Why Buy Facebook Status Likes?

Making your Facebook Page and Status Updates appear appear as though they’re receiving lots of likes is important. Thats because people copy other people. They want to see that their friends and colleagues who came before them liked your status before they’re willing to click their mouse or tap that Like button. This is especially important to do before “boosting” your post on Facebook. Don’t pay to advertise a post that has no likes – it makes you look bad.

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Buy Facebook Status Update Likes For A Friend!

Picture their face when their status gets thousands of new Facebook Likes!

Just punch in their status url during checkout and we'll make it happen.

Who is foundation?

We're a team of kung-fu ninja developers, marketing wizards and social media gurus operating virtually from 4 countries around the globe. Our passion is helping you stand out in a crowded, noisy, chaotic online world. We realize that the products we offer fall into an ethical "gray area", but as long as we can help our customers achieve their goals we'll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Why Buy From Us?

Let's be honest, there's a lot of cheap, shady, crappy sites out there selling Status Likes. A lot of them are scams. Some of them even resell our services because they know we offer by far the best customer service and highest quality Facebook services online today. We know how important your social media profile is to you, we've been doing this a long time and we take this very seriously.

Our customers fucking love us!

We've served thousands of customers just like you and we're constantly interviewing them to figure out ways to improve our services.

"Sometimes you need to promote some shit that you know won't get a lot of likes. I need to make it look like it's hot!"

"I used foundation to promote every status update in the early days, now I get that many on my own."

You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

Do you need my Facebook password?

No way! Just the url of the Facebook Status Update you want liked.

How do I find the status update link?

Click on the time link in your status update. This will give you a unique link to your status update that you can send to us. Make sure your status update is public or we can't like it!

Who are these people doing the liking?

Most of the likes come from accounts that are no longer in use. 30% of them will have profile pictures and appear like regular users. The rest may not have profile pictures but still work like a charm.

Why do some likes disappear?

Facebook occasionally removes accounts that it thinks are doing too much liking. This happens all the time and is nothing to worry about. All that happens is that the like number decreases on average of 20%. If it happens more than that, let us know and we'll refill it for you free of charge!

How long before I receive my status update likes?

Status likes usually begin in 48 hours or sooner. Expect delivery in 1-2 days.

Who should I talk to if I have an issue?

You can contact our support team via chat or email us at [email protected]