Why Buying Followers Works

by Corey foundation

Every time a customer views your company, project, website, content etc. they’re subconsciously looking for subtle clues to decide whether or not to believe what you’re saying and engage. One of these important clues is social proof. The bandwagon effect is a well documented form of groupthink stating that:

“the probability of any individual adopting it increasing with the proportion who have already done so”

Making it appear as though your service is more popular than it really is, can actually be a self fulfilling prophecy.

People don’t like being the first to do something. It’s scary. Too many unknowns. Evidence that others who came before you made the decision you’re considering at that moment relieves the burden of these unknowns.

Take a look at the share buttons at the top of this page for example. Seeing that thousands of people have shared this article makes you more inclined to read it, believe what we’re saying and share it when you’re done (wink! wink!).

Consider someone just getting involved with Bitcoin. They search Twitter for “bitcoin news” and check out a couple profiles to decide which is better. Of the following, which do you think they’ll pick? A or B?

twitter profiles followers

Both profiles have similar profile pictures, they both have similar names, they’re both tweeting similar information but B has more followers.

Why Not To Buy Followers

Don’t buy Twitter Followers thinking you’ll make new friends who will check out your site, comment on your video and retweet your updates. All you’re doing is buying a number, an important number that future customers and fans will use to determine whether to follow you back or buy what you’re selling.

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