How To Get Tumblr Followers

by Satoshi Nakamoto

Especially since its adoption by Yahoo recently, people have been really interested in Tumblr as a social network. As with any other social network, the end goal is ultimately how to get tumblr followers that will enjoy your content. There are a dozen different ways, but for simplicity’s sake, we will go over the methods that you can do easily, and will see the best results from.

a. Tag your posts

Tagging is probably the most important part of getting people to find your blog and content. For this method, you shouldn’t necessarily be asking yourself how to get tumblr followers, but instead, how can I get more people to view my content and know that my blog is out there? Tumblr makes it very easy for other interested users to find your content via searching a certain tag, or key phrase. Add 3-10 tags on most posts that you make, and try to choose the top suggested keyword for whatever you are typing in. (i.e. if you tag “quotes” it may suggest that you use “love quotes” for better results).

b. Purchase followers / reblogs from reliable sources

Lets face it, sometimes making friends can be a difficult thing. Whether it’s because your blog is simply too new for people to be interested in, or because maybe you’ve got independent interests from the norm, you can always get the initial burst of interest that you need. There are a lot of different suppliers out there that can direct people to your blog for a price, but often the quality of these followers are not on par. (This basically means that the followers are not very active).

The good news is that when you buy Tumblr followers from us, foundation, they’re completely “real”. They are sent from other popular Tumblr blogs, so you can always be sure that you are getting the quality that you and your blog deserve. We know exactly how to get Tumblr followers that you will be able to be proud of and grow on exponentially. Once you have a base following, everything else just sort of falls in to place.

c. Stay away from follow for follow, as great as it sounds

Follow for follow basically means that when you follow someones blog, they will follow you back. While this sounds great at first, it’s less fun when you are seeing spam posts from 1000+ other blogs, and no one is interested in your content because they can’t pick it out from the crowd. The real method on how to get tumblr followers is to be close with however many followers you do have, and then build off of their audiences. Every time someone reblogs your post, all of their followers see it in their dashboard. This means that you are opened up to hundreds or even THOUSANDS of other Tumblr users just by ONE reblog.

Make sure that you focus on tagging your posts correctly, and if you feel like you want to accelerate your following, test out foundation and see what all the hype is about!

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